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Losing Control

Joel Matthews has a problem: he's a chronic gambler. He can't go past a casino without going inside. His addiction cost him his family, his life savings, and his home. All he has left is the clothes on his back, but that still doesn't stop him from visiting The Golden Rose.


Giovanni 'Gio' De Luca owns The Golden Rose. He's seen hundreds of men like Joel come and go, usually leaving through the back doors with broken bones and bruises they didn't enter with. When Joel does the inevitable and gambles more money than he can afford, Gio offers him a solution to work off his debt.


Joel can't comprehend being owned by a powerful man like Gio, not at first, but he only has to work for him for a year and then he's free to leave. When the year passes, will Joel be ready to leave Gio's crew, and his bed?


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King's Barber

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