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#1: King's Killer

A PA Walking the Line Between Good and Evil

Physician’s assistant by day, doctor to the Kings of Men MC by night. Grant Arthur’s life is tough to balance, but he does what he can to help his brother, Aaron “King” Arthur, the president of the motorcycle club. Trapped as an outsider to the club by his brother for safety, Grant prefers the quiet life, until the Kings visit him in the middle of the night with an injured member. With them is Kai Woodrow, rugged and dangerous, who Grant can’t tear his gaze from.

A Killer Who Gave Away His Heart

Reaper kills for a living. He’s the man King calls when he needs to send a gruesome message. Unfortunately, Reaper’s also human, and has all the needs of a man. He’s been in love with Grant since they shared a foster home as teens, but he knows how protective King is. Reaper could never betray his president and friend, even if Grant’s the only one who sees him as Kai. He settles with quietly stalking Grant, until one night they bring him an injured club member.

One Wild Night

When Grant is nearly hurt, Kai can’t resist living in the moment, even if it’s bound to get him killed by King—or someone worse. The world doesn’t stop turning because he finally kissed Grant, and with any illegal motorcycle club, trouble comes along for the ride. When Grant’s kidnapped, Kai would move heaven and hell to find him, and destroy the people who took him.

A Marine Gone Rogue

Andrew “Rogue” Willoughby served three tours for the United States, and as a reward, he returned home to a dead mother, a lonely home, and no help from the politicians he served. To console himself, he joins a motorcycle club that reminds him of the brotherhood he enjoyed in the Marines, and he finds a home with the Kings of Men MC. When he spies Reaper and Undertaker bringing in a prisoner, he’s curious, and follows them to their torture room. It doesn’t take him long to recognize their captive as Josh, the younger brother of one of their imprisoned members.

A Brother with Faults

Joshua Hebb never expected to become a drug dealer, but when his mother gets sick, the bank is ready to take his childhood home. He has no other choice. His brother, Colton, went to jail for the Kings of Men MC. Joshua can’t bring himself to admit to the Kings’ that he has ties to the club because as far as he’s concerned, the Kings of Men abandoned his family when they needed them. But when Rogue recognizes him, everything changes.

Help from Unexpected Places

If the Kings are willing to give him another chance, Josh will have to earn his keep and prove his loyalty. Falling into bed with Rogue is the most dangerous thing he can do, but it’s hard not to when Andrew, unfailingly, helps how he can when Josh needs someone the most.

Warning: This book contains spoilers to King's Killer. King's Rogue also hints at violent themes involving torture and drug possession.

#1.5: King's Rogue

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#2: King's Eyes

A Second Chance Becomes Trouble
After leaving his cheating ex and New York City behind, Mackenzie Byrnes wants to celebrate his new life and new teaching position in New Gothenburg. Only he ends up at a club in need of rescuing from a jerk who won’t take no for an answer. After that embarrassing mess, Mackenzie swears he’s on a man ban. His resolve lasts until he runs into the handsome bouncer who saved him, and then he hands over his phone number, hoping for a date.

A Stalker Who Can’t Look Away
Travis “Eyes” Hughes has two jobs—spy for the president of the Kings of Men MC, and nightclub security. When Travis saves a sexy blond from getting groped against his will, he gets the urge to follow him home to make sure he arrives there safely. One night of watching turns into a habit Travis can’t shake, and an impulse he won’t deny.

Lies Exposed
The closer Travis gets to Mackenzie, the sloppier he becomes. When his half-truths begin to catch up with him, all hell breaks loose with the Kings of Men MC, and Mackenzie finds out Travis isn’t who he said he was. With Travis’s lies exposed, a cop hot on his trail, and his brother in jail—he’s sure he’ll lose Mackenzie as well—but he might be surprised by the strength a certain kindergarten teacher possesses.

Fresh Meat In Prison
Charley Hughes never imagined he would find himself in lockup, but when King promises that his brothers-in-arms will protect him, Charley expects his time on the inside to be easy. He doesn't factor in Scar, his mean as hell—and handsome—cellmate. Scar seems to have one goal only, to get into Charley’s pants. Charley has never been with a man before and doesn’t plan to start.

Driven By Isolation
Colton “Scar” Hebb went to prison years ago. He willingly took the fall for his motorcycle club. Scar is as loyal and brutal as they come, but he's also lonely. The moment he sets eyes on Charley, he wants him. Charley is playing hard to get, though. It’s a good thing Scar enjoys a chase.

Predator and Prey
The longer Charley holds out against Scar’s advances, the more dangerous prison life gets for him. Between rival MC clubs and guards, he's constantly on high alert. Scar is rough and scary, but at least he's on Charley's side. The more time Charley spends with Scar, the weaker his resolve becomes to hold out against him. What will happen when Charley no longer wants to resist the attraction?

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#3: King's Criminals

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#4: King's Pawn

Badass Biker Bodyguard

Fresh from behind bars, Bishop, a Kings of Men MC member, settled into his old life. He made his way through a parade of men, and he was left completely unsatisfied, despite his warm welcome home. In prison, Bishop had been Destiny’s protection, and Destiny paid for his safety—in physical favors. If Bishop had known then how fond he would become of Destiny, he might not have approached him to begin with. Now, nobody filled the Destiny-shaped hole in his bed or heart.

Messed-Up Life

Destiny left a real cell for one his parents controlled. Upon his release from prison, Destiny’s abusive, police captain father took him back to the house where he grew up, and he made it clear Destiny would never leave again. With little choice in the matter, and even though it broke his heart, Destiny did the smart thing and cut ties with Bishop to keep him safe from his father’s far-reaching influence. The last thing Destiny wanted was to cause trouble for the best man he’d ever been with.

First Time, Helter-Skelter Love

Hurt, but finally finding his strength, Destiny fled his father’s abuse and went looking for the only man he trusted to keep him safe, Bishop. The biker gladly helped, but out in the real world, Bishop and Destiny had no idea how to treat each other. Between Destiny’s father sending half the police force to hunt for him, and the brewing problems with a rival motorcycle club, will Bishop be able to keep Destiny safe and free?

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#6: King's Undercover Fed

Royal Treatment
Aaron “King” Arthur dedicated his life to the Kings of Men MC. He created a brotherhood and promised a safe haven for his club brothers. When one of his men comes to King with news that the feds are planting an undercover agent in the club, King decides to play a game of chicken with their little rat. King pushes at the agent’s personal boundaries, using sex as a carefully honed weapon, but doesn’t expect the federal agent to respond so eagerly.

Tool for the Men in Blue
Dallas Mickelson spent so many years undercover with motorcycle clubs that he’s starting to lose his real identity. When he’s sent to pose as a prospect by the name of Austin Smith in the Kings of Men MC, he doesn’t expect to enjoy the thrill of being one of the boys. The infamous King isn’t what Dallas imagines, and he makes Dallas’s body react in ways he’s never felt before.

Deadly Games Become More
King has his own set of problems outside of this unpredictable fed, from past secrets coming to light, to his fortieth birthday quickly approaching. The last thing he needs is to feel emotions he’s never experienced before, especially for someone who could bring down the illegal empire he’s worked so hard to build. Dallas has a job he’s expected to finish, but he’s not so sure he wants to do it anymore, and the decisions he makes can shape everyone’s future—for better or worse.