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A King's Christmas

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I've joined in on giving for Christmas and this is my free short story for the Rainbow Advent Calendar! If you've read the Kings of Men MC series, or even if you haven't, I hope you enjoy this story.

A King's Christmas

Chapter One

Joshua Hebb

The clubhouse had always been a dark and gloomy place. I remembered it from when I visited Colton here all those years ago, before he went to prison. The dim lights barely did anything for the rooms and there weren’t many windows to let in the natural sunlight. The boys enjoyed the darkness, and even though I never understood why, it wasn’t my right to change it. But this was different. Christmas was fast approaching and there wasn’t a decoration in sight. I couldn’t just let that slip. I wouldn’t.

So when I had a day off from Sinful, I headed into town in the second hand Toyota I’d recently bought. Christmas festivities were in full swing, with the streets filled with ho-ho-ho’ing Santas and blinking lights of different colors. Shop windows had Christmas trees and plastic reindeer ornaments. Some of them had the poorer versions and the faces on the ornaments were weirdly shaped. They would have scared me as a kid.

I went into the local supermarket and bought some of the cheaper versions of lights and even a tree. I could only hope they wouldn’t catch fire. Then, I went into the dollar store and got some tinsel and mistletoe too, before I shoved them in my trunk and drove back to the clubhouse.

Andrew was at the bar when I walked in with my boxes. He raised his eyebrows at me, and grinned, but didn’t say anything until I’d dumped my finds on the bartop. “Is that Christmas stuff?”

“Yes.” I placed a gentle kiss on his lips, lingering a little longer than necessary to enjoy the taste of the beer lingering there. “We needed some festive cheer around here.”

“Doubt King’ll want that.” He laughed and curled his arm around my waist, tugging me closer. Placing another kiss on my lips, he patted my ass. “But I want to see this. Go ahead, baby.”

I rolled my eyes and grinned. “King’s either drunk or got his cock in a hole whenever he’s at the clubhouse. He wouldn’t notice.”

“Wanna bet?” Tinker fell into the stool next to Andrew, a bottle of whiskey clutched in his hand. “King notices everything around here.”

“Did you get that bottle from my bar?” I snarled, attempting to swipe it off him. He slammed his palm in my face, nearly shoving me back on my ass. Andrew caught me.

“It’s not your bar,” Tinker snickered, taking another drink from the bottle.

“It is my bar. King put me in charge of it. You can’t just take bottles without my permission. I count the stock and decide how much drink we need, Tinker.” I crossed my arms and glared.

“You get a discount from the distributors anyway.” He shrugged.

I opened my mouth to argue further, but Andrew stepped in my line of sight, his wide shoulders blocking Tinker from my glare. He kissed me softly and I melted into his warmth. He smelled like his favorite soap, the one with mint leaves in it. His dark blond hair had been pushed back off his forehead, as though he’d run his hands through it this morning. He’d had a good sleep last night, only waking up to his nightmares once rather than the six times he usually did. I was there for him every time he did though.

“Ignore him. Go put those decorations up. You’re right, we need some cheer.”

I poked him in the chest. “Stop saving his ass.”

“Save my ass? What can you do to me, Blue?” Tinker chuckled roughly. “Strangle me with one of those glossy shirts you wear?”

One. Two. Three. That’s how many times I inhaled to stop myself from strangling him before I flipped him off over Andrew’s shoulder. “Stop calling me that. I’m dying my hair next week. It’s gonna be pink.”

“Can I call you Pinkie? Rogue can be Brain.” His cackle grated at my nerves, but Andrew’s hold on me tightened and I couldn’t do anything but melt into his hard chest.

“Go put the decorations up. Ignore him. He’s drunk.”

“When’s he not drunk?” I muttered into the real leather of Andrew’s jacket.

Andrew’s chest rumbled with laughter. “Never.”

“Are you going to help me?” I stroked my fingers across his hair-rough jaw and kissed his chin. “You need to shave.”

“Mhm. I know I need one. And no, I can’t help you, baby. King’s got me ridin’ out with Barber. We got some errands to run.”

I sighed into his neck. “He always has you running errands. I miss you.”

“I won’t be long this time. Couple of hours at the most.” He breathed in the scent of my hair and I leaned back to stare up at him.

“Promise? The bed gets cold without you there.”

“Promise.” The kiss he gave me was deeper this time and he used his tongue to massage my mouth. I opened myself to him, leaned in closer with my arms wrapped around his neck. My hips moved on their own accord, grinding my hardening cock against his thigh.

“Mm. Baby. What are you doing to me?” He mumbled against my lips. “I need to go.”

“Don’t you have time for a quickie?” I teased, low enough so only he could hear me.

His irises were nearly blown, like he’d taken a hit of weed, but instead of drugs, I was his high. “Can’t. Barber gets impatient.”

I pouted and it earned me a swift peck on the lips. “Fine.”

“Don’t forget to keep a mistletoe for our room,” he said quietly. “Maybe I can hang one from my dick and you can kiss it later.”

I swiped my tongue over my lower lip and let my gaze drop to the firm package bulging at his tight jeans. I gave it a squeeze, then grinned. “Yeah. That sounds fun.”

A set of heavy footsteps sounded from the stairs and a familiar grunt met my ears. “When you’re done rubbing off on Josh, Rogue, get to work.”

Andrew’s gaze flicked over to King, who treaded past us in only a pair of unzipped jeans, no shirt or shoes in sight, and ended up at the bar, where he usually sat when he wasn’t at his desk or fucking some whore.

“Sure thing, Pres.” Andrew turned apologetic eyes on me. “Later?”

“Later.” I kissed him goodbye and watched my sort-of-boyfriend-we-hadn’t-defined-it-yet leave out the front door. I sighed and got to work in putting up the decorations. If King objected, he didn’t say anything. After I had whiskey in his hands, he didn’t say much at all actually. He merely nursed the glass in his palm and stared at the line of alcohol I had placed on pieces of wood against the back wall.

I let him sit in peace while I added blinking lights to the mirror the hung from the wall of the bar. The tinsel came next before I strung a mistletoe to the ceiling in front of the stools with a piece of tape. It was only when I had the Christmas tree set up and blinking with the multi-colored lights that King grunted.

“What’s with the Christmas decorations?” He took a sip of the amber liquid, squinting at the blinking lights near the mirror.

“It’s Christmas.” I didn’t need to add the duh for it to be obvious.

“Is it?” King waved his hand. “Where’s the year fucking gone?”

“Once you hit eighteen, the years blur together.” I took the stool next to him. King and I didn’t talk much. He wasn’t much of a talker from the beginning, but when he wasn’t drinking or fucking away his life, he had club business to get done.

He stared at me out of the corner of his eyes. “What do you want?”

“Why do you think I want something?” I sent him the sweetest smile I had, the one that earned me tips at Sinful.


I sighed. “It’s Christmas. Momma’s still sick. She’s getting better, but not much. I want to see Colton.”

“No.” The one word held enough venom to make me cringe away from him. He sighed. “It’s not my choice. Your brother doesn’t want to see you.”

“But it’s Christmas.” I sounded pathetic to my own ears, like a child who’d just been reprimanded by his father. “He’s my brother.”

King grabbed my shoulder and squeezed it. Sympathy passed across his rough, handsome face and a sick feeling curdled in my stomach. “He doesn’t want to see you, Josh. We can’t make him.”

“You can tell him I’m part of the Kings now,” I offered weakly.

“You’re not part of us. You’re fucking Rogue, but you’re not a King.”

“But I can be.”

King snorted. “No, you can’t. You don’t ride bikes for one and you wouldn’t survive with us. You’re too soft. It’s why Scar wanted you to stay away. You’re not like him.”

My shoulders slumped and I scratched the polished wood of the bar top with my fingernail.

King made an annoyed sound in the back of his throat and downed the rest of his whiskey. “I’ve been asking for you, kid, all right? I know you want to see him and I’ll keep asking. But if he says no, there’s nothing I can do for you.”

“I just don’t understand.” I looked at him. “We’re brothers. We’ve always been close.”

“I told you, he doesn’t want you to see him in there. It’s not a nice place. Not a place for someone who wears this.” He pinched my mesh shirt, nose scrunched up in confusion. “You’re his weakness and there’s too many bastards in there. He doesn’t want anyone to target you.”

“Yeah, I know.” I’d heard it all before. Andrew had sat me down, explained how things worked in a motorcycle club. He even offered to see if Colton would talk to him instead, but I shoved away the idea. I didn’t want him anywhere near my brother, not until I had a chance to speak to Colton first at least. King told me Colton knew about me and Andrew, but that didn’t make it any better. I knew my brother well enough to expect more than just words for Andrew when he got out.

“Now get back to decorating this place.” King flapped his hand at me as though I was a bug buzzing around him. “It’s not looking half bad.”

I smiled and saluted him. “Yes, Mr. President, sir!”

He rolled his eyes. “You’ve been around Undertaker for too long.”

Chapter Two

Andrew ‘Rogue’ Willoughby

Spending the afternoon with Barber was hell. It was only supposed to be a two hour job, but it ended up being at least six after he’d made a mess, making it bloodier than it needed to be. He wasn’t a bad guy. Definitely crude with a weird sense of humor, but not bad. I’d rather spend that time with Josh though, with his pretty mouth wrapped around my cock while he stared up at me with pleading eyes.

I pulled my silver Harley Davidson Breakout next to Reaper’s bike and turned off her purring engine. Barber gave me a nod from where he parked his next to mine and I returned it before I headed inside. The clubhouse was quiet, but it was a Wednesday night which meant most of the boys either had jobs, homes, old ladies/men, or some other shit to attend to. We had our wild nights, but the biggest parties happened on weekends.

The room was brighter though, with twinkling Christmas lights decorating the mirror behind the bar and walls of the room. A fake Christmas tree sat in the corner, decorated with tinsel and more blinking lights, finished with a silver star on top. A few of the guys lounged around, including Tinker. He sent me a half wave and I returned it. Beside him, sitting on the sofa, was Mason. He was King’s messenger, the guy who delivered dangerous messages that most people didn’t want to receive. Unlike Tinker with his slightly pudgy belly, Mason had hard muscles covered in black ink and short, brunet hair. He’d never enlisted, but I imagined he would have made a fine soldier with his savior complex.

“You after your boy?” Tinker slurred.

I rolled my eyes. Of course he’d hit the bottle hard. He had a high threshold, so the slur meant he’d drunk enough to run a bike on the fumes alone. “Yeah. He do this on his own?”

“Yep,” Mason answered with an amused grin, probably because Tinker couldn’t string two words together without tripping over one of them. “He was pretty adamant about adding festive cheer.”

I laughed. “Sounds like him.”

“He went to bed. Said he was tired,” Mason continued. He stared down at the beer bottle in his hand. I rarely saw him drinking any type of alcohol, even on weekends, but I knew from experience that holiday time did that to people who were going through emotional shit. We weren’t the kind of brothers who chatted about it often though. “You and Barber deal with Hannigan?”

As if he heard his name, the door slammed open and Barber strode in, his biker boots leaving behind mud and grime on the wooden floorboards. I bet my ass that King’s golden pet would be cleaning that up in the morning.

Barber ran a hand over his shaved head and grinned. “He won’t be chatting to any authorities if that’s what you wanna know.”

I snorted and jammed my thumb toward him. “This guy is a psycho. He makes a fuckin’ mess. Hannigan’s in pieces. Undertaker’s goin’ to be pissed.”

Barber’s smile turned sinister. “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

“Barber!” King’s outraged voice echoed through the room and the president came storming out of the hallway that led to his office. The gray hair at his temples looked more prominent under the colorful lights and I swear I saw a vein pop in his forehead.

“Hey, boss.” Barber stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets, but he looked scared shitless and I didn’t blame him.

King’s jaw tightened. “I gave you orders to talk to Hannigan, not slice him into pieces.”

“It was an accident. He came at me, boss.”

“I should have sent Hound,” he muttered, referring to one of Mason’s nicknames. “My office. Now.” He spun on his heel, storming back the way he came.

Barber chuckled, but he sounded nervous. “You reckon he’s gonna kick my ass?”

Tinker, Mason, and I glanced at each. “Yes,” we said at the same time.

“Barber, now!” King yelled.

“Fuck.” His shoulders slumped and he headed in the same direction. “Wish me luck, boys. Maybe it’ll be a Christmas miracle that he doesn’t blow a hole in my ass with his Glock.”

“I doubt you’re that lucky,” Mason laughed.

Barber flipped him off before he disappeared.

“I’d hate to be him right now,” I muttered. At least I was only the watchout this time around. It meant my ass wasn’t in the line of fire like Barber’s. But the guy had the habit of making messes that others had to clean up.

“Your boy’s upstairs.” Mason took a sip of his drink and winked at me.

“Thanks, brother.” I slapped him on the shoulder and went to do the same to Tinker before I realized his head had lolled back on the sofa, mouth open with spit gathering at the corner of his lips, his snoring beginning to grow louder.

Mason and I glanced at each other and chuckled, then I walked up the stairs toward my bedroom. I passed King’s golden boy on the way. He scurried by me without so much as giving me a side glance, as though he was afraid I’d rough him up. I don’t know where he came from because he didn’t have a room up here, but I didn’t question it. He probably had toilet duty.

When I opened the doors to the room, the lights were already off. I checked the time on my illuminated alarm clock beside my bed. 11p.m. Damn. Josh always went to bed around nine when he wasn’t working. I didn’t want to wake him up by turning on the lights.

“Hey, gorgeous.” Josh’s sleepy voice made me smile. “Come ‘ere. Let me touch you.”

I slid off my leather jacket and got out of my boots and jeans, leaving me in boxers and my t-shirt.

“You better not be dirty,” Josh muttered, but he still grabbed me by the front of the shirt when I got close enough and tugged me into bed, laying a sweet kiss on my lips. “You don’t smell. That’s a good sign.”

“I was keepin’ watch.” I kissed him again, chasing the taste of his honey mouth.

“Was it messy?”

“Always is with Barber.”

I didn’t have to see him to know he rolled his eyes. I could feel it. “Of course.”

Settling under the blankets with him, I snuggled into his warmth. We didn’t have a fireplace in the bedrooms, but someone had cranked up the heater. “I saw your decorations.”

“King didn’t tell me to take them down. That’s a good sign, right?” He shuffled to his side and pressed our chests together, burying his face into my neck. His breath teased my skin, as did the whisper of his lips.

“Don’t let the boys fool you. They like Christmas. They all just think they are too manly to put up decorations.”

Josh laughed. “Because decorations are so girly.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I do.” He sighed and started to work his lips up my neck, sending tingles of pleasure south and straight to my balls.

We hadn’t defined our relationship yet, even though my brothers thought of Josh as mine, and I wasn’t quite sure how to. I’d never had a serious relationship, even before I joined the marines. Being married to my job had put me at a big disadvantage in that department, even though I’d been talented at finding a hole to fuck. Josh was different. He gave me a comfort I hadn’t felt before and I enjoyed being with him, but there were plenty of things that could fuck it all up. Josh’s brother being one of them. I hadn’t met Scar, but I’d heard the stories about the crazy fucker, how he’d slit people’s throats from one side to the other, enjoying the look of shock on his victims’ faces before he got Undertaker to destroy them. I don’t think Josh knew what his brother was known for either and I didn’t want to be the one to tell him. Scar would really kill me then.

“What are you thinking about?” His hand crept down my chest and into my boxers, grabbing a firm hold of my stiffening cock. “Hopefully it’s me that’s got you this hard.”

“You’re the hottest piece of meat I’ve seen, so yeah, it’s you who’s got me hot and bothered.” I clasped his chin and raised it. I slanted my lips over his, tongue shoving into his willing mouth. He melted under my touch. “Fuck, you’re beautiful.” Even though I couldn’t see him in the darkness, it was the truth. Josh could color his hair any shade of blue, pink, or green and I’d still think he was the most attractive person I’d ever set my eyes on.

His hold on my cock tightened. “Yeah?”

“Hell yeah.”

“Good.” He kissed me again and grabbed my face with his spare hand while his other continued to work on stroking my hard on. I couldn’t get over how sweet he always tasted, like honey, and he drove me mental with how much I wanted him. “Want to fuck me?”

“Is that even a question?” I whispered into his ear. “Turn around, get the lube?”

Josh shuffled around and I heard him lean toward the edge of the bed. I used the free moment to flick on the lamp next to my side and it illuminated our bedroom in a gentle, romantic light. When I’d turned back, Josh shoved the lube into my hand before he threw back the blankets and turned his back on me, showing off his cute little ass.

“You had no clothes on?” I chuckled quietly and patted his cheek.

“Was waiting for you.” It came out as a whine. “You took too long.”

“I’ll make it up to you, baby.” And that’s exactly what I did.

Chapter Three


The lights of the Christmas tree glowed around the semi dark room full of men and women alike. There were people I hadn’t met before, including a man in an impeccable suit that I assumed was the club’s lawyer. Reaper and Grant lounged in one of the sofas, Grant half sitting on Reaper’s lap with his head turned so they could kiss gently. Travis and Mackenzie, one of the newer couples were at the bar, laughing at something Tinker was telling them. Travis had his arm curled around Mackenzie’s waist and was snuggled against his teacher boyfriend.

For once, King didn’t have a whore on his arm. Instead, he’d taken a seat next to his brother and his normally unamused facial features were relaxed, the hard lines of his face gone, which left him looking a lot younger. When he wasn’t being a scary motherfucker, King was sweet. Rough around the edges, but sweet anyway. He cared about his brothers and their families, and even though I was an outsider, he’d made me feel welcomed.

Arms slithered around my waist and I grinned, glancing over my shoulder at the handsome man they belonged to. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Andrew kissed my cheek and gazed around the room. A smile broke out on his face. “This is cozy. I don’t think we’ve had a Christmas gatherin’ like this. Usually we just have a barbeque outside.”

“Do you think the Christmas decorations make it more homely?”

Andrew made a noise. “Yep. You’ve done amazin’, baby.”

“Thanks.” I couldn’t help the stupid grin that passed over my lips. I’d brought Mom along too and some of the men’s old ladies had her on the red sofa in the corner with a paper plate full of food that they got together and cooked. Even with her portable ventilator and nasal breathing tubes, she looked happier than ever, with a smile I hadn’t seen on her face since the cops took Colton away.

“You did this, Josh,” Andrew whispered in my ear. “You’re fuckin’ amazin’, baby.”

I shrugged it off, but a bubble of happiness lodged in my chest. “Everyone should enjoy Christmas, or whatever holiday they believe in.”

I turned myself in Andrew’s arms and shoved to my tiptoes so I could lay a kiss on his mouth. “We deserve this. All of us.”

“We do.” Then Andrew grinned. “I got a gift for you.”

“Yeah?” I attempted to wiggle my eyebrows. It failed. “What is it?”

Andrew stroked down the side of my face and over my chin. “King said you had a chat with him, about seein’ Scar. So we talked and I did some convincin’ and we agreed that visitin’ him once wouldn’t hurt.”

My eyes widened and excitement surged straight through me, landing straight in my gut. “Are you serious? I can see him?”

“Yeah.” Andrew pressed his forehead against mine, those gorgeous eyes twinkling like they had the goddamn stars in them. “But Scar can’t know. He wouldn’t allow it. We’re gonna surprise him in the new year. King needs to see him face to face anyway.”

“Oh man, you’re the best!” I hugged Andrew against me and kissed him roughly until I thought I could taste the tang on blood. I didn’t care.

Andrew laughed. “Thank King too.”

“Yeah?” I grinned and turned to King. The president was still sitting on his couch, but he’d kept an eye on us the entire time. The moment I turned to him, he pointed at me.

“Don’t come near me, Josh.”

I took two steps toward him. “You deserve a hug.”

“No. I’m not a hugger. I mean it.” He stood then and rolled his shoulders, probably trying to use his height to intimidate me. It didn’t work. King was nothing more than a big softy. “If you come near me, I’ll hand you to Killough myself.”

“Come here, King!”

King danced away from me when I reached him. Reaper and Grant laughed as I took chase, as did most of the men and their families. Gazes turned on us and King jumped between bodies of his men to keep me from catching him. Eventually he hid behind Andrew and pointed at him. “This is your man. Hug him.”

“Come on, King. Give in. You know you want a hug.”




No ended up turning into a begrudging sigh when I pouted dramatically. I grinned when he stepped out from behind Andrew and I jumped at him, hugging the hard bastard until he chuckled and hugged me back.

“Merry Christmas, Josh.”

“Thanks, King.” Then when I’d hugged enough, I switched my attentions on Andrew. He got the same treatment with added kisses on the mouth. “Thank you, baby.”

“You’re welcome.”

As I looked around the room, I wondered how I was so lucky to find these guys. Colton had been part of this family and for so long, I blamed them for putting Colton in prison. I’d been wrong and even though I’d accidentally killed people with drugs I’d dealt in, these men saved me from myself and they’d given me a home. I might not have been a King, but I’d found myself a king in Andrew and a family on top of that.

This was the best Christmas ever.

“Josh, you’re the bartender. Come pour us some drinks,” Tinker yelled from behind the bar. He’d grabbed a bottle of my most expensive whiskey.

I glared at him and stormed toward him. “Tinker, get away from there.”

Andrew laughed.

THE END (For now...)

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